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  • Ayaka Hayashi

The School Life Stress

High school life can be stressful. From the loads of homework and the extracurriculars/sports, it sometimes feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything.

“Trying to balance homework and studying while also having a life outside of school can get really stressful. It feels like there are just so many things to accomplish in such little time,” said Saphire Gomez (‘19).

Some students also feel a lack of support from teachers, peers, and the overall school system.

“It can be stressful and frustrating when teachers automatically assume that I don’t care when really I am trying my best,” said Claire Frank (’18).

Many students find a way to cope with the stresses and relax a little, such as Jordan Mahaffey.

“I go to my room and watch Netflix to unwind, but you have to prioritize and avoid procrastination. Do what’s most important and let go of the smaller things,” said Jordan Mahaffey (‘20).

Lightening the load and taking a step back from the busy life seems to be recommended by many.

“Don’t stay home working on school work all weekend if you don’t have to. Sometimes that can just make things feel even more stressful than they really are. I usually go out to movies with friends, or just take a step back for a little while,” said Elizabeth Ung (‘19).

Avoid getting stuck in the negative mindset of stress, and focus more on the positives. Some days/weeks are going to be stressful and busy while others are more relaxed and stress-free, but that’s just life. Maybe you can’t change the situation you are in, but you do have control over how you view it. The more positive you view what’s happening, the less stressful it will feel.

“Focus on each individual task instead of everything you have to do. It won’t feel as overwhelming, and don’t forget to also live a little. Even though you may have a lot to do, taking a break and doing something else for a bit can help,” said Claire Frank (’18).

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