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Does Better Sports Equipment Unfairly Improve Athletic Ability? An Opinion

by Shawn Fleisch: Brightonian Sports Editor

I do not think that the type of equipment used defines how much skill a player has. When it comes to sports, having skill and being good at the sport is very important. Not only does it help with getting on the team but it also makes it fun and more enjoyable.

In order to acquire a skill, you don’t need endless heaps of money. Yes, having good working equipment does help things but it is not necessary. Just like in all things in life you need to have determination. You need to be willing to commit yourself 100% if you want to be “the best”. You can’t just give it 50% effort and say “the ball was flat” or “my cleats suck” and then leave. If you really want to be successful in the sport, then you need to give it your all. You can’t blame the equipment for having poor effort. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you want to succeed then it is possible.

As to the unfair aspect of this then no it isn’t unfair. Some teams just have more money than others which allows them to do more stuff. There are still teams that have more skill and put more heart into the sport than teams with more money and they are a lot more successful. There is a flip side though because you can’t play baseball without a bat. So you need to be able to get your hands on the essential items in order to be successful but you don’t need to have the newest and most expensive things. A football doesn’t fly across the field on its own. A basketball doesn’t bounce into the hoop with magic. It’s the players that make the sport possible and interesting. If someone who has never played golf in their life goes and buys the most expensive golf club, they can find will still be significantly worse than the person with the cheapest club but has been playing for years.

Newer equipment is always nice but it isn’t what makes the team good. What makes the team good is their effort and commitment. You can’t improve as a team if everyone isn’t fully committed to helping improve the team.

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