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Halloween is the best Holiday

by Brianna Lorenzi, Staff Reporter

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated on October 31st every year by many countries. In America this holiday involves children dressing up as anyone or anything. People hand out candy or other treats at night. In history, people would make bonfires and wear costumes to scare off ghosts which happened to be a big telling. Over time Halloween became a celebration in trick or treating. The cool weather, the decorations and the costumes all make Halloween the best holiday.

Halloween is in the month of October. This month is part of fall where the leaves change and pumpkin spice lattes are a must. The cool breeze on Halloween just fits the aspect of a haunted night under the stars. The smell of autumn in the air which smells like apple crisp and pumpkin galore. No ot

her holiday has this weather that makes wanting to go out more fun.

People in every neighborhood buy decorations such as plastic skeletons and moving animatronics. During trick or treating, the decorations can scare and give a thrilling feeling. Not everyone is as decorative as the next and usually only hang up lights. The signature colors of Halloween are usually orange, black, and purple. Halloween brings out a creative side to everyone as decor is a big feature.

Costumes have been a big Halloween tradition which can show a lot about a person. All age groups are able to dress up. People can choose a character and become them for one day. It is a special way of cosplaying in sports. Movie characters, real life people and things that don't exist are all possible for dressing up. Costumes used to be for protection, but now are known to show everyone's favorite characters during trick or treating for Halloween parties. Costumes make Halloween complete while having fun.

All three things are really important to make Halloween complete. Halloween is filled with thrill to where it's the best holiday. The weather, the decorations and the costumes give a custom flare of creativity and so much more.


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