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Is In-N-Out Overrated Or Just That Good?

by Brooklyn Yates

The California-born fast food chain, In-N-Out, has grown significantly since its opening, offering a classic cheeseburger and a chocolate shake. It has even been expanded into several states, causing people to wonder if its tradition is being lost in profit. The tradition of stopping by an In-N-Out on a vacation has always provided a sense of nostalgia and familiarity for travelers. Although, some argue that In-N-Out is just like any average fast food chain, and feels overrated. The expansion of In-N-Out’s in America prompt people to question if this restaurant deserves the praise or is just average.

For some, they argue that In-N-Out is just like any other restaurant that people go to and does not deserve the hype. As someone who has worked a fast-food business, Bryan Rocha (23’) points out that “they have very long wait times, both indoor and at the drive thru.” It’s true, waiting for 20 minutes for a burger almost seems ridiculous, but some like to positively add that the food is amazing. Is the wait worth it? For a simple restaurant, it has grown very famous for its menu, but people like to cover up the lines and overall quality because that’s all they’ve known. Their catchphrase “Quality you can taste” may not be so true after all.

On the other hand, people do agree that even though the wait times are long, it has been their California tradition ever since they grew up. Karen Smidt, a teacher at Brighton High School, has grown up with an In-N-Out so close to home. Living in California, she says that she “bought some of the original t-shirts they were selling when they opened the store in (my) neighborhood,” so there is a sense of attachment she hold to it. As she grew older, In-N-Out became a tradition saved only for California trips when she moved to Colorado. Mrs. Smidt also points out that it was slightly “ruined” for her once it came to Colorado, because it just wasn’t the same. Due to a pursuit of profit, In-N-Out has lost loyal customers like Mrs. Smidt because of a forgotten sense of tradition.

Now, the question is left up to the readers. Is In-N-Out overrated, or just that good? The traditional location in California kept customers hooked, but once they moved out of state, some say that the quality just wasn’t the same. Long lines, constant rush, and other aspects may be causing the business to lose more customers day by day. Will tradition keep its legacy moving forward, or will profit be the downfall of In-N-Out?


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