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About TheBrightonian

Welcome to the online voice of the Brightonian, Brighton High School’s newspaper. The Brightonian began publishing in 1910 and is one of the oldest high school newspapers in Colorado.

Our skillful editors and staff members will cover all of the latest news and information at BHS. New material will be added daily so please follow TheBrightonian via email and receive updates on new stories.

This new website is a continual work in progress. It is student run and student published, so please keep coming back and supporting Brightonian Media!

We’re looking forward to another great school year!

Brightonian Staff


Executive Editor in Chief: 
Kelsi Veik
Managing Editor Editor: 
Natalee Garcia
Center and Front Page Editor: 
Kelsi Veik
Student Life Editor: 
Natalee Garcia
Social Media Editor: 
Amanda Poole
Opinion and Politics Editor: 
Hayden Peterson and Kena Keyes
Arts and Entertainment Editor: 
Anna Jorstad
Sports Editor: 
Raleigh Puzio
Gaming and Tech Editor: 
Ruben Abril
Science and Nature Editor: 
Livi Rodman

2021-2022 Leadership

Executive Editor:

Andrea Donlucas

Health and Fitness Editor:

Kelsi Veik

Politics Editor:

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Oliver Kriska

Opinion Editor:

Natalee Garcia

2020-2021 Leadership:

Executive Editors:

Kirby Federocko and Will Halverson

Managing Editor:

Andrea Donlucas

Section Editors:
Opinion: Kirby Federocko
Politics: Will Halverson
Features: Andrea Donlucas
Health and Fitness: Shawn Fleisch
Arts and Entertainment: Savvy Walker

2019-2020 Leadership:

Morgan Smith: Executive Editor

Max Weber: Managing Editor / Science and Tech Editor

Kirby Federocko: Managing Editor / Opinion Editor

Will Halverson: Managing Editor / Politics Editor

Madison Schaab: Arts and Entertainment Editor

Shawn Fleisch: Sports Editor

Andrea Donlucas: Features Editor

Brigette Stoddard: Online Editor


Madeline Beaudoin

Carson Charles

Andrew Cronk

Payton Gagon

Faith Garcia

Natalee Garcia

Aidan Glynn

Reagen Hindman

Katsumi Hayashi

Oliver Kriska

Maleah Lopez
Starr Mullaney
Jacob Perez

Luke Ross

Cesar Soto

Savannah Walker

Aimee Zirker


2018-2019 Leadership
Mackenzie (Mac) Fleisch: Executive Editor and Producer Brightonian Media

Ayaka Hayashi: Executive Editor Brightonian Media Design

Jenna Hays: Executive Editor Brightonian Media Print Content

Reasch Fair: Managing Editor Brightonian Media
Bella Barone: Managing Editor Brightonian Social Media
Brekyn Haddick: Managing Editor Brightonian Social Media

Arts and Life Editor: Quinn Hodge

Features Editor:Mackenzie (Kenzie) Byrnes

Sports Editor:

Opinion Editor: Morgan Smith

Assistant Opinion Editor: Rianne Lambrecht

Politics Editor: Will Halverson

Outdoor Life and Science and Technology Editor: Max Weber

Outdoor Life and Science and Technology Editor: Kirby Federocko

Outdoor Life and Science and Technology Editor: Katsumi Hayashi

Campus News Editor: Delainy Fisher

Campus News Editor: Kamrin Rostenbach


Carson Charles

Andrea Donlucas

Shawn Fleisch

Jairo Fontes

Rylee Fulmer

Payton Gagon

Faith Garcia

Jolie Gentile

Aidan Glynn

Reagan Hindman

Miles Kriska

Desirae Munoz

Jacob Perez

Luke Ross

Madilynn Scarpantonio

Madison Schaab

Cesar Soto

Brigette Stoddard

Savannah Walker

Aimee Zirker

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