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by Reagen Hindman
Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, Another Round is a co-production between Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden. It follows a group of four middle age high school teachers who decide to start drinking alcohol every day as an experiment to see how it will affect their social and professional lives. Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, Rogue One) takes up the leading role, with Magnus Millang, Thomas Bo Larsen, and Lars Ranthe acting in the supporting positions. The movie was nominated for two Academy Awards, a rare thing for an international film. These were for International Feature Film (not a surprise) and Best Director. Part comedy and part drama, Another Round is an amazing and extremely entertaining, emotionally complex, and life affirming movie.

There is not much to write home about in terms of cinematography or editing, though they certainly are not bad, and serve their purposes well. All members of the cast give fantastic performances, but Mads Mikkelsen deserves a special shoutout, as he never falters in his role. The setup to Another Round may seem like that of a far more depressing movie: Four aging men who feel that their life is stagnating turn to alcohol as a fix. Most movies about alcohol consumption go one of two directions: condemnation or celebration. While the film doesn’t shy away from the darkness that comes from over excess, it also shows the bright side, the rediscovering of the joys of youth, friendship, and life. A lesser movie would have trouble portraying two themes that seem to say opposite things, but Another Round manages through the prowess of its actors and the quality of its script, which balances a comedy, a drama, and a tragedy all at once. Regardless of the mood though, it is always extremely entertaining and genuinely fun to watch, without sacrificing the nuance and complexity of arthouse films that can often be more difficult viewings. 

It seems strange that a film about day drinking would be one of the best, most emotionally deep movies of the year, but Another Round is just that. Often comedic, occasionally sad, and ultimately uplifting and inspirational, it is an enjoyable and worthwhile watch for cinephiles and general viewers alike.

Another Round.jpg

(Live Action): Movie Review

by Andrew Cronk
Mulan is a movie about a young Chinese girl that grows to be a woman while learning to control this power called “chi,” which is the life force in everything, all the while not learning about a woman’s place in that society. The emperor requires one man from each family to go to war because they are low on trained troops, and Mulan goes instead of her crippled father. It is not in a series but it is a remake of the classic Disney film “Mulan.” The movie overall was well written and cast, all the actors made the characters feel like real people, but my favorite character was most likely Mulan herself because of how she holds herself among the men in the camp and does better than everyone else even though she is at a disadvantage and ends up saving the life of the emperor. The story always kept me guessing with the scenes when she revealed she was a woman and such but the fight scenes were arguably the best-written scenes and the visual effects were amazing, I could almost not even tell what was an effect and what was real, In fact, it definitely deserves the Best Visual Effects Oscar. The costumes were also amazing, they were intricately detailed with scales and straw with every piece put in the exact place it needed to be. I would have preferred a little more backstory with the story’s villain-turned-hero, the witch. The movie is more catered towards children and families, but I personally would have preferred it if it were more geared towards adults and a more mature public because that would have provided more interesting fight scenes and a better storyline. But all in all, I give it an 8/10 because it is an amazing movie but it could have been better in my opinion. 


Another Round Movie Review

Minari: Movie Review

by McKenna Yates: Staff Writer

Minari is a beautiful and heartwarming story of a Korean-American family who moves from California to rural Arkansas in order to start a new life, with hopes of achieving the American Dream. The hopeful and ambitious Jacob Yi begins planting Korean fruits and vegetables on his farm, while his family struggles to adapt to their new life. The Yi family embraces the strong roots that they have with one another while striving to fit into a new community, facing financial hardships, and staying hopeful for the future. 

This movie was breathtaking, to say the least. The gorgeous scenery and camerawork combined with the incredible soundtrack are both big factors as to why I loved this movie so much. I didn’t think that I could fall in love with rural Arkansas, but this movie convinced me otherwise. Minari is an incredibly appealing movie to watch, due to its fantastic visual and audible elements. The director did a wonderful job making it feel like the characters had to rely on one another in order to thrive, thus bringing back the main theme about how connected everyone is. 

There are conflicts among the characters in this story as the Yi family settles into their new home, but the humor sprinkled throughout makes it very enjoyable to watch. I did not think this movie would be as funny as it was! I found myself laughing on multiple occasions, and after I finished the movie I chuckled as I recalled more of the humorous scenes. Keep your eye out for the Mountain Dew scene (and tell me about your reaction later)! 

The heartwarming yet sometimes troublesome bonds between this family are an interesting part of the movie. There is a lot of focus on the young son, David, as he seems to be having the most trouble adjusting to their new life. I enjoyed the interactions between David and Soonja (David and his older sister Anne’s grandmother), as they were both humorous and genuine. Their relationship was one of my favorite parts of this movie because it was as if they were both helping one another with their problems. David and Soonja are definitely my favorite characters!

Jacob Yi, the head of this family, is a very inspiring character with an impressive dedication to his work. He is quite devoted to his farm, so at some points it feels like he is putting his work before his family. Many other side characters in the movie warn him about the plot of land he chose, but Jacob believes that his land is a slice of Eden and that it will be prosperous. He even enlists the help of Paul, a local farmer and devout Christian, to help him with the farm. The farm represents the toils of Jacob and how hard he works to make the lives of his family better, and it is captured beautifully through this movie. 

Another fantastic addition to all of this is that Minari was nominated for six Academy Awards this year! They include Actor In A Leading Role (Steven Yeun), Actress In A Supporting Role (Youn Yuh-Jung ), Directing (Lee Isaac Chung), Music-Original Score (Emile Mosseri), Writing-Original Screenplay, and Best Picture. The 93rd Academy Awards Ceremony will be broadcasted on Sunday, April 25 at 5pm ET, so be sure to tune in to see what (not if) Minari wins! 

There isn’t anything about Minari that I hated, and I will continuously give it high praises, but  the only thing that left me feeling uncertain was the ending. I will not be spoiling anything, it is just too ambiguous for my taste. I do believe, however, that the ending is quite fitting and leaves the viewer to determine what they think happens from then on. Once again, this is a minor detail that should not deter you from watching Minari.

Minari is a heartwarming family immigrant story that will move you in deep ways. This movie is about connecting one’s roots and recognizing the importance of family and hope. I will recommend this movie to everyone if you are looking for something uplifting and moving to watch. Enjoy!


Greater: Movie Review


by Payton Gagon
The movie Greater, directed by David L. Hunt is quite the heartwarming movie that is based on a true story. This movie is all about the unforgettable football player Brandon Burlsworth and his love of the game. Burlsworth is determined to play Division 1 football at the University of Arkansas, but he has many people telling him he isn’t good enough. However, this doesn’t stop him from becoming one of the best and most memorable walk-ons in college football. Brandon has a great relationship with his mother, who always supports him and raises him to be very religious. Burlsworth is a very faithful man and has high morals. While some make fun of who he is, he never changes and is always true to himself. 

The best part of the movie is when his teammates and those around him start to believe in Burlsworth and respect him. It takes some time for people to come around, but it’s touching when they finally do. The joy you feel in this movie during these moments is incredible. It feels as though you are with the team and joining in on the excitement. The whole movie is so wholesome and you can’t help but love Burlsworth and the wisdom he has. He’s the best example of showing kindness, patience, forgiveness, and so much more. 

Burlsworth has a brother named Marty, who’s 17 years older than him, and many people mistake him for his father. Since his father isn’t really in his life, Marty helps raise Brandon and even though they can disagree, you can tell they love each other deeply. The movie does a great job of incorporating both Brandon and Marty’s perspectives on life. This movie is great for all ages and will teach you many life lessons, and will definitely leave you feeling inspired. Overall I would rate this movie a solid 9/10. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll definitely reflect on your life.

Little Women: Movie Review

By Faith Garcia
The 2019 film, Little Women details the heartwarming transitioning of the four March sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy from childhood to adulthood, through the eyes of the heroine, Jo. This movie is a refresher of the 1868 literary classic by Louisa May Alcott. Although true to its 19th century origin, the film is modernized in a way that appeals to women today. 

Little Women is somewhat centered around Jo, the second eldest sister. Jo is the character that every young girl aspires to become, in her independent, wistful ways of living. However, I prefer Amy, who is generally perceived as selfish, but whom I believe grows into exactly who she wants to be by her own will. As the story unfolds, each sister becomes increasingly different from each other, as though each girl is representing a completely different personality. Meg is responsible and maternal, Jo is adventurous and full of ambition, Beth is kind and shy, and Amy is vain and selfish. Despite their different dreams and ideologies, the March sisters consistently show their love for one another above all else. 

Something that I find particularly wonderful about this film is the way it transitions back and forth from their childhood to present day, because it shows all of the girls’ character development. Little Women is able to make you laugh and cry, and remind the viewer of the importance of family. Overall, I would rate it a 9/10. This film is an excellent representation of the hardships of women coming of age in the mid-19th century, and the heartwarming significance of growing up with your family.


Breaking Bad is breaking good: A review

by: Aidan Glynn: Staff Writer

On January 20th 2008 the show Breaking Bad debuted to the world. Many people came to love this show as it had a great story and an interesting plot. But when the show came out many people who are now graduating high school or going through High School have not seen the show.  today I will be telling you why you should watch Breaking Bad season 1. 


This show surprisingly entertained me very well. I thought I would be bored but  as the show went on I grew fonder and fonder of each character. In the show you're first introduced to three characters Walter White , Skyler White  Walker's wife And Walter White Jr his son.  mr. white at the beginning of the show seems to be a normal average science teacher but as the story progresses   you see Walter White truly as he is. 


While watching the show I would think about what is going to happen next in the show and where the story is going next. When I feel a show or movie is good I think about it after viewing such an infinity war where everyone was left wondering what would happen. This show is also full of interesting twists that aren't expected but the twists add lots of excitement to the show. 


Another great part of the show is the dynamics of the characters and how they interact with each other. With some characters you find some dont like eachother but also like them at the same time. When the story progresses on you find characters that are awful at the start but then they start to grow on you. 


All in All breaking bad isn't bad at all but Breaking Good. with its multiple characters that you can relate to and hate at the same time. As well as the interesting story with all its twists and inventive ways of telling the story leaving you questioning what is going to happen next . But hey what do I know maybe you will just have to find out for yourself.

The intouchables

April 20_ Staff Assignment_ Reviews (Apr

by Chase Klanger: Staff Writer

The Iintouchables is a comedic drama about a French aristocrat who suffers from paralysis following a paragliding accident. While in the process of hiring a live-in caretaker, he meets an impulsive young man just looking to get his parole papers signed. The two begin to work together, and the rest of the story follows impressive character development consequently from the relationship they built. The film follows the hardships each of the characters face, as well as their ‘coming to terms’ with their situations. 


The movie is filmed in a cooler temperature, which made me assume the movie was going to be intense, and possibly grim. However, rather than following the traditional build up to big conflicts and complicated resolutions, the film focuses more on little moments. Moments in the character’s lives’ that would be very similar to moments we would have on our own. The character of the aristocrat taking favor to the young man for his uninterest, and borderline lack of empathy towards his condition, was predictable, but was taken further than expected, all the way to throwing snowballs at a man in a wheelchair. 


This film is a good choice for those who appreciate the deeper meaning of things. Not so much for the action junkies, or the people who prefer strictly comedy. This is a good film to watch at night to decompress, the lack of stressful plots, as well as natural jokes between the actors, make it a pleasant viewing experience. 



The Help: Movie Review

by Kelsi Veik: Staff Writer


The movie The Help is based in Mississippi during the 1960’s. When  a young white woman named Skeeter returns from college, she has dreams of becoming a writer. Soon enough she realizes that black women live very different lives tending to the white families all day. Skeeter puts her foot down and finds a way to show things from the black woman's perspective. This 2 hour and 27 minute movie is a fantastic look into what life was really like for these women. Overall, the message this movie was sending to the viewer was executed very well. The actors and actresses chose for each character was almost perfect and I couldn’t imagine anyone else to fill the roles. My favorite character was definitely Skeeter. Her personality and attentiveness really brought hope to the story line. While this movie runs on the longer side, every piece is necessary to show what life in the 1960’s was really like. Even though this movie conveys a “sad” feeling throughout the movie there were multiple times when I was smiling and laughing. One thing that I wish were different about this movie is I would have liked to see a glimpse about what it was like to be a black male at this time. While the plot of the movie is supposed to only be around the women's lives, a brief look at the men's life would have broadened my perspective on this movie. All in all, The Help is 100% the kind of movie I would watch again. If I were to give this drama a rating I would rate it an 8.5/10. If you are the kind of person who loves hope filled movies based in the mid 20th century The Help  would be great for you!

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train review

by Katsumi Hayashi

Demon slayer: Mugen Train was a movie that was created in japan with a primary focus on selling the movie as much as possible. When the animators realized how much potential the series had to make money, they took the readers and watchers attention and ran with it as fast as they could. To fully animate a second season of the anime would have taken too much time and too much funding so to combat these limitations, they decided to make a movie. This decreases the amount of screen time that they need to create from about 400-500 minutes down to about 120. They are obviously animating a smaller amount of the written series than they would in 20-25 episodes, but it allowed then to get it out much faster and follow the hype train that Demon Slayer had created with the anime coming out.


On to the actual review! WOW. That was an incredible movie to watch. The animation took no hits, even with the relatively quick paced schedule that ufotable (the animators) had to operate under. The animation was the best from this year, even compared to other spectacularly animated series like Jujutsu Kaisen. The movie spaced out the pacing through the movie super well so even the slower moments felt amazing to watch. The 2D animation was spectacular, and while I am not a huge fan of 3D animation, they nailed it this time. There were many scenes with an integrated 2D/3D background and they were able to blend the two perfectly, creating a beautiful picture that was smooth on the eyes, as 3D animation has a tendency to pop too much, disrupting the 2D animation.


Besides the animation, they perfectly recreated the feeling that one can get from the manga, making sure that the emotions are felt through the screen at full power. There were moments that made me laugh out loud, moments that made me tear up, and moments that made me want to jump out of my seat and scream! The story was left perfectly adapted from the manga (comic) to the anime and as someone that read the manga before seeing the movie, it was beautiful to see the story unfold in front of me in a brilliantly animated movie. My overall rating would have to be a 10/10 with the main contributors being the animation, adaptation, and pure power of emotions that I felt throughout the movie. I highly recommend watching this movie while it is still in theatres! The large screen give the vibrant colors more pop and the sounds feel way more dramatic then they might feel at home!


Toy Story 3: Video Game Review

By Natalee Garcia

Toy Story 3 is part of a movie series and it is the only movie out of the series that was made into a video game. My most favorite character is Woody because not only is he the main character but he is very detailed. Yes, as a child they were totally real because I had a big imagination. It really kept me guessing about which levels were to come. My favorite part of the video game is going through all the different towns and meeting all the different characters. There were some tense obstacle courses that I would have to complete in a very stealthy yet hard way.  The game always made me giggle as a kid. There were tons of fun games and levels, they made me want to unlock more and more until there were none left. What didn’t work out so well was how many tasks there were and how difficult it was.I felt that there was a bit of a cliff hanger because there was an end to all the levels but I didn’t know what would happen next. It was hard to care about the main character sometimes because there were three different characters you could play with. In my opinion there was nothing scary or uninteresting, I found it quite intriguing. There are many people that would like this game no matter what age they are. It’s tons of fun and is basically like childhood memories.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

by Oliver Kriska: Staff Writer

Link has just awoken from a hundred year nap only to be greeted with a destroyed Hyrule. Zelda has been trapped in the castle all these years, fighting off a demonized Ganon. You don’t have any memory of what your life was like before you woke up, so going on instinct, you travel through the vast land of a once mighty Hyrule, gathering gear and training for your final battle against Ganon. 

Breath of the Wild is by far one of my favorite installations to the Legend of Zelda franchize. With its breathtaking scenery and lovable characters, and the immersing storyline, it’s hard to find flaws in the game. Just like any other Zelda game, you play as Link; a silent warrior in the land of Hyrule. In the majority of the games, you’re on a quest to save the princess from the evil wizard, Ganon, and everyone lives happily ever after. However in Breath of the Wild, they immaculately twist this storyline to make it something far greater. 

The outstanding graphics make you feel like you’re really there, in the grassy plains and the shivering cold mountains. On your travels, you meet many eye catching, elaborate characters that ultimately contribute to your success against Ganon when you get to him. This game really has so much to offer, and just when you think you’ve explored everything, there’s more.

As cliche as it is, my favorite character is Link. He’s both a blank slate and a complex character. Being the main focus of the game, it’s easy to get attached to him and at times, it feels like you can feel what he feels. 

Although I have a soft spot for this game, it has its flaws. For one, the weapon durability is not the best. I feel like every time I use a weapon, I have to get a new one immediately. This was something that bothered me and I felt like half the game was just me collecting weapons. This game kept me engaged and the end evoked so many emotions in me. I was happy with the ending, sad it was over, and curious about what will come next.

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