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Why you should mail letters to loved ones

By Andrea Donlucas: Features Editor

Just the other day I was sitting outside with my mom, writing back to one of my penpals. She tells me, “You’re weird! Why don’t you just text each other?” I laughed it off and started to reflect back on what made me start mailing letters to friends. I have been writing letters to friends for as long as I can remember but never put much thought behind why. Why do I continue to penpal?

Here’s a question for you: Have you ever mailed a letter to a loved one? Or have you ever received a card in the mail? If you answered yes to either of these questions, chances are it made you feel happier! After a long day of school or work, an envelope decorated with stickers and vibrant colors can totally brighten up your mood, even if it’s just a little. Everytime I see an envelope with my name on it in the mailbox, my day is instantly made better. It tells me that someone put their time and effort into a card just for me!

Letter writing also allows you to say whatever you’re feeling without being interrupted. Because I’m a naturally reserved person, people tend to talk over me. When I want to write about something important to me, it’s nice to be able to let everything out without worrying about not being listened to all the way through. I’m also able to think about what I want to say and have it come out the way I want to say it- something that we all struggle with in face-to-face conversations.

Penpalling is also super fun! This reason might not be super convincing because letter writing sounds boring but you never know if you never try. It doesn’t have to be any length in particular, it can be as simple as a “hello” or as extensive as the essay your AP Lit teacher expects you to write. You can play around with the size and look of your handwriting along with the envelope! When I send mail, I like having a theme. The envelope has similar doodles and colors to the card inside.

Are you looking for a new hobby? Try penpalling out! It doesn’t require much, only paper, an envelope, a stamp, and a little bit of your time. Although we’re in a time period that has constantly developing technology and norms, it’s never a bad thing to stay connected with each other the “old-fashioned way”. I have to go write to my penpal now, thanks for reading!

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