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  • Carson Charles

Not a Normal Noggin'

Imagine being brand new to Brighton High School and feeling invisible. That’s how many, incoming students feel when starting high school. That’s a time when people start changing their appearance; for instance dyeing their hair. People change their hair for many different reasons. This is due to either their hatred for their natural hair color or wanting to stand out and be different.

“I dyed my hair the first time because I didn’t Like the way I looked with my natural hair color, so I dyed it darker until I liked the way it looked,” said Lauren Jolliffe (’20).

Using colored hair as a way to stand out and express oneself is common. People don’t want to be the same as others and having colored hair accomplishes that. If anyone doesn’t appreciate how their hair looks, it can always be changed. People with hair of almost every color of the rainbow in their hair regularly get compliments and even make friends because of it.

“People with dyed hair are awesome and I think that more people should dye their hair. Especially if when they dye it as freedom of expression because it lets them be themselves and I love that in people,” Said Laney Arreola (’20).

Unfortunately, some people believe that their opinion should actually matter to what someone does with their personal life. Those people have no authority in other peoples’ lives, especially when it comes to what that person chooses to do with their life.

“It’s not my place to judge. I don’t care. It’s your life. Do what you want,” said Christian Sanchez (’18).

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