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  • Cassidy Wilson

It's Kind of a Funny Story

An emotional story straight from Craig Gilner’s very emotional brain. Overall it was a well written book and many people were delighted to read it. According to, many rate it a 4.14/5.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story is a book written by Ned Vizzini. The book follows main character Craig Gilner. Craig is going to Executive Pre-Professional High School, a gifted school which he studied hard to get in. Craig has a long time crush on Nia, who happens to be dating his best friend, Aaron. Craig starts to feel left out and different. The immense weight of school starts to give him severe anxiety and he becomes depressed. After a large chunk of time Craig reaches his breaking point and calls the suicide hotline. He gets checked into a psychiatric hospital and while in the hospital, he meets many new people and comes to terms with his mental state. While there, Craig meets Noelle, a girl who scarred her own face. Noelle helps Craig during this time and she helps leads him to happiness. Craig finds his true passion for art in the time spent in the hospital and in the end switches to an art school to fulfill what his true goal is, being happy.

“It’s depressing at the start but as it goes on it gets hopeful. It makes you excited for what happens next in the book and in life.” said Tyler Grossman (’17).

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