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  • Delaney Trevino

After School

The new app taking over the phones of high schoolers across the nation is conventionally called “after school.” This app is described as an “anonymous and private message board for your school” according to the app store. When the app first gets opened up it allows the user to choose from a list of schools, and then, sign into Facebook to confirm the enrollment of that user. When they post, everyone from that school can see the post, however, it does not say who wrote it or who posted it. The user can post pictures of themselves, friends, vacations, etc. Doing that still keeps the other posts anonymous, and another user cannot draw a connection between all of the posts, even if they post more than once.

This app can be dangerous. Even though it filters out any gross, sexual, profane or drug related content, students can still be as mean and harsh as they want to.

“When someone posts about me on the app, I feel good inside, and sometimes I hope that there is something about me on it,” said McKayla Kisner (‘20).

People have different reactions when others post about them. Some are like McKayla and look forward to seeing that little box with her name on it, however, others find it disturbing and unwanted.

Some people see the post and start to look around and think, “Who said that?” Tori Litwin thinks this way and wishes her name to not appear on the app.

“Someone posted about me last week and, although it was a nice compliment, I didn’t know who posted it and it kind of made me feel like I had a stalker,” said Tori Litwin (‘18).

Not everything is all good and nice. Some comments on pictures can be rude and discriminating. There is a small report button on the bottom of every anonymous post. If you see a rude comment or post, do that person a favor. Please just click that little button, and nobody else will be able to see the rude post. It will be happy scrolling for every student here at Brighton High School.

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