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Does Brand Loyalty Matter

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty happens on all levels, from Target to Nike; most students put together outfits that center around one brand. Wearing an Adidas tracksuit with Nike shoes almost seems like a travesty. This central look comes from which brands are considered “cool.”

People also get picky about their brands by only wearing one brand of shoes or jeans. Choosing only to wear Hollister Jeans or only Vans shoes can be an expensive choice, but if a person knows what they are buying, and they know what they like, it can be worth it to make that choice.

“I wear Nike and Vans because I know it’s good quality stuff. I also feel like it gives something special to my look,” said Gabe Berland (‘19).

Students also like to buy brands that look like the high end, quality brands that they love, just for the look. Off brand Vans and Converse are only about $20 at Target. But these janky shoes won’t last as long because they are not made with the same quality that the real brands are.

It can go to the extreme of buying extremely expensive brands like Supreme, Gucci, and Versace just for the brand name. This brand loyalty is just for the look and not necessarily for the quality and use of their products.

When it comes to brands, people will choose based on the look and quality of a product. The decision is one that most students make when they buy new apparel. So does it matter to you? Let us know by tweeting @tweetbulldog !

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