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Crime or Joke: TikTok Challenges

by Taylor Baird

September 30, 2021

As a student of Brighton Highschool, I feel I should be able to speak out about students safety and security around the building. I know it is difficult to keep track of 1,800 students with the lack of teachers this year, but I feel that the school has done a not very good job on securing students.

Recently a trend on Tik Tok called the Lick Challenge has been spreading across all schools in the US and other countries. The Lick Challenge is basically students vandalizing and stealing school property. Students thought it was funny until almost all bathrooms in Prairie View High School were shut down due to extreme vandalism. They also almost lost their Homecoming week.

I haven't been affected much by the Lick Challenge, but I can tell other students and staff here have been mostly affecting custodial staff. It has been so affected that the school is giving out rewards to the students who know details about other students that are doing the Lick Challenge. Contrary to the Lick Challenge the Reverse Lick Challenge is another trending challenge of Tik Tok. What this challenge is, is that students are now replacing items I assume they have stolen. They are either returning back items they have stolen or giving new items to the school.

In all honesty I think students of all ages are very influenced by trends set by Tik Tok. In order to seem “cool” they complete the challenges thinking there were no consequences because they somehow did not get caught.


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