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  • Bella Barone

BHS Volleyball Regionals

The Brighton High School varsity volleyball team had an amazing opportunity to compete in the Eastern Metro Athletic Conference regionals for Colorado.

The girls were very excited to have an opportunity to showcase their abilities in this event, considering the volleyball team has yet to win a regionals in many years. As the student athletes headed to warm up at Fossil Ridge High School, they found out that they would be playing two of the top teams in the league, Fossil Ridge and Eagle Crest.

The team knew that they were going to have to fight to take the first round of regionals, but they weren't sure how hard they were going to have to work for it.

As the team started warming up, they saw their first opponents walk in, the Fossil Ridge Sabercats.

“The one that stood out the most was Riley Zuhn. Shes a 6’5 outside hitter so I was automatically a little intimidated, along with the rest of my team. I later found out that this particular player has been verbally committed to play volleyball for the Nebraska Huskers since she was 15. That's when i knew that this game was going to be a fight all the way through,” said Torrey Gonzalas (‘20)

In the first match, Fossil Ridge lead with a 20-25 win. In the second match, Brighton took a dip with a 15-25 loss, and in the 3rd and final match, brighton lost again with with the score standing at 17-25.

Knowing that Brighton High School would not advance, Megan Law, the head varsity coach said to the girls “Let's go out and end this season with a win, go out and play with your heart. Don’t let the loss behind us affect how we know we can play.”

As the varsity team huddled one last time for the season, the girls were ready to get on the court and fight for this last game.

The Brighton volleyball team unfortunately ended the 2017 season with a loss, although they fought hard.

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