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  • Ayaka Hayashi

Are You Being Heard?

In the last decade major improvements have been made regarding the inclusivity of every culture, religion, race, sexuality, gender, etc in our society. Those in the minority have begun to say what they believe and stand up for their values despite their fears of criticism or being singled out.

Ten years ago, it would have been out of place see gay couples represented in TV or famous people coming out in real life, but now, it no longer comes as a shock. As the youth and new generations grow into this new society, people are learning more about tolerance and acceptance for all. No one has to be afraid to be themselves and be whoever they want.

“The way I see it, do whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt yourself or others. Everything great starts from a small voice,” said Marissa Rodriguez (‘18).

Christianity and Christian based beliefs used to be heard more frequently, but with so many freely speaking out about their religion or lack-thereof, America has begun to shift and change with the voices. With such a variety of opinions, all beliefs and values have to be considered and tolerated. It is okay to disagree with what others believe, but no one should attack others beliefs.

“There have been a couple of social justice warriors shutting down conservatives at their speeches and presentations. This is wrong and goes against everything that is progressive and American,” said Amanda Ruybal (‘18).

The younger generations have so much freedom to take advantage of these opportunities in welcoming all points of view. Encourage everyone to stand up for their beliefs and make the world what they want it to be.

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