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  • Luke Ross

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

After quite a long wait a new Super Smash Bros was released just recently on december 7th 2018. But was it worth the four year wait since the last super smash bros was released. Smash Bros is a highly successful fighting game franchise made by Nintendo, spawning five games since the first game called simply Super Smash Bros. All of the games are platform fighting games where you are meant to damage enemies and eventually send them flying of the stage/platform.

Throughout the years each game has introduced and removed many iconic Nintendo characters, and even some third party characters. But in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate every single character from all previous games has shown up. This means the game boasts a large roster of 74 base characters with 63 of those being returning characters and 11 being brand new fighters. But it can be a little unfair to say there is seventy four “full” characters since some are known as “echo fighters” meaning that they share a almost identical moves to another or multiple characters. But still the rooster is still quite full with only seven of the seventy four fighter being echo characters. And the “echo fighters” do have changes done to them to make them stand out from their original counterpart.

The game allows four players on the same console to fight, and about a total of eight if you go online. Moving onto the more technical aspects of the game though the controls are very smooth, and in my humble opinion the best they have been in a while. The controls are the same as they always have been throughout the smash games. Each character has their own basic moves including basic punches in all four direction. Then each character also has their “smash” abilities which are the more unique attacks used by each character, along with this each character has a charged basic attack. So it goes without saying that each character has a good variety built into them, and from personal experience with the game each character does feel decently varied from each other.

The game also features 103 stages for you to fight on not including upcoming downloadable content stages. Each of these stages are very fleshed out and are easy on the eyes, past a few exceptions here and there. Each stage also can be changed into different forms of themselves such as making them “omega” stages meaning they will just be flat with no platforms. This makes even stage viable to be played on since they can be customized with ease to suit a certain battle that the player has in mind.

All in all Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a pretty great fighting game, and the content it comes with is easily worth the price. Sadly any players that buy into the game now will not receive the “Piranha Plant” character for free since it was a limited timed gift for early buyers of the game. But I wouldn’t say that should discourage you too much from picking up this game, it’s a blast with friends locally and the online is an alright deal for the price of it.

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