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  • Jenna Hays

Stop Vandalizing!

Think of your car. Chances are that you are thinking about how much you love it. I love my car too. So why does BHS have such an issue with vandalizing cars? Summer heading into my Senior Year, I had just purchased a new car and was ecstatic to drive it to school. I thought I could trust driving it to school and parking in the lot just like everybody else but, I guess I was wrong.

My car has now been vandalized twice in the BHS parking lot. The first time, sand was dumped all over the back of my car, leaving small grains in the crevices of where my convertible top goes down. I am sure that the culprit behind this was real proud of themselves thinking that this action was extremely humorous. However, that little “joke” could have easily caused damage to my car if I did not handle it in the correct way.

The second time, someone took a large coffee and smashed all over the hood of my car. First of all, I don't know what job you have but my two jobs cannot support me to waste a perfectly good Venti Latte from Starbucks. Second of all, was that necessary?

I am not the only person whose car has been vandalized, I have heard of multiple others getting their cars keyed and silly stringed. This is a problem. It is obvious that keying a car would leave damage but something that many do not realize is that silly string can strip and ruin the paint off of your car. Stop going out of your way to ruin someone’s personal property because you are jealous or think its funny. Respect each other, we’re almost adults, after all.

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