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  • Madison Schab and Shawn Fleisch

Winter Activities

In Colorado winter is a big deal needless to say. It’s by far one of our most beautiful seasons. Because winter is so favored, there is so much to do. From skiing/snowboarding to building snowmen and having snowball fights. The list of activities to do this season is endless. Even if winter isn’t your favorite season here are a few places and activities you might want to consider exploring during this frosty time of year.

Snowmobile tours

In Colorado there are plenty of places where you can go on a snowmobile tour in the mountains. These tours offer rides for experienced and inexperienced riders. For the experienced ones you hop on and ride around. For the inexperienced riders you have some time before the tour to get a quick lesson and ride around on the snowmobile to get used to it. The tour will then take you on a while adventure where you get to see mother nature’s work first hand and enjoy the beautiful views.

This time of year may be a blast but it can also be quite expensive. Many snowmobile tours will charge $200+ for a 2-hour journey, but every now and then you are able to find a great deal… Leadville Colorado is the location of Birdseye Outpost Mountain Action, they offer tubing and snowmobile tours or rentals. On you can get a $125 deal for 2 hours.

Ice Skating

If you aren’t too fond of the icy air blowing in your face outside, then maybe you would like an indoor ice skating rink. Colorado houses 14 amazing ice rinks from the City of Longmont Ice Pavilion to the Foothills Ice Arena. Ice skating is a very popular activity and sport for all sorts of people and the indoor arenas provide you with warmth and keep the roaring wind away.

Ice skating isn’t typically expensive in general, so finding an affordable rink may not be the hardest. The cheapest admission prices I could find were at an ice skating rink in Denver called Bear Ice Arena, where adult admission is $7!

Skiing and Snowboarding

Who out there loves the thrill of wind rushing in your face while speeding down the side of a mountain. Skiing and snowboarding is a long lasting winter tradition in Colorado with a plentiful amount of resorts. They range from the easiest for new comers and some more challenging ones for the pros.

Copper Mountain is a Ski Resort in Summit County. This has been reported as a better ski area for intermediate riders. On the Copper Mountain website, they have a four pack deal for $219, for any 4 days of the 2018/19 season. This may seem pricey for non-riders, but this is actually a great deal.

Loveland Ski Area is in George Town and has something for all skill levels and is super affordable. If you are still 14 you can get a season pass for $189 and if you are 15 or older your season pass will be $309.


Aspen is a very well-known mountain town in Colorado and is just an overall paradise to visit during the winter season. Aspen is such a well-known wonderland that many famous and very rich people own homes in Aspen like Jack Nicholson and Kevin Costner. The Maroon bells are some of the most photographed mountains in America. Aspen’s scenery is some of the best in the world with world class recreation including four different ski areas, snowmobile tours, fishing and hiking. Who knows you might be able to snap a selfie with a celebrity on your vacation.

Estes Park

This one can hit home for many of us since Estes Park is reasonably close to us in Brighton. Estes park is known for its hiking and welcoming town. Estes has miles and miles of open hiking trails with breathtaking scenery which makes well for a good stroll. After your hike you can go into town and visit one of the many art galleries or shops with amazing souvenirs to take back home after your trip. Estes is also home to the famous Stanley Hotel where Stephen King based his horror novel The Shining off of. It may be the jolly time of the year but there is always room for a little spooky spirit.


Avon lies at the base of Beaver Creek Resort and is eight miles from Vail. Avon is famous for being called “The Heart of the Valley” and is very well known for its art and culture. No matter where you go you will be stared down by one of the towns 27 bronze sculptures on display. Avon as a few art galleries that will really be worth your time. After you are done viewing the art you can step outside and enjoy a nice cup of joe in the cool air loving the view.

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