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  • Kenzie Byrnes

What Makes A Good Student

We are surrounded by expectations for us as students. We are expected to turn in every assignment, answer every question, and show up for school every day. These expectations put a lot of pressure on us, especially the expectations of being a good student. Being a good student has different definitions to different people, but usually it entails having straight A’s and super clean notes. To me though, being a student has a little different definition.

I believe a good student obviously should be dedicated to school, meaning they show up on time and do their homework. I personally am what one would call an over-achiever, since I try very hard in school to get the best grades that I can. But I do not think that good grades are essential to being a good student. I think that good students must be willing to learn every single day. They should crave knowledge and accept a challenge when it comes to them, so they don’t give up when they don’t understand something. I think that good students must always attempt to understand what’s going on, so they must know that they can ask for help when they need it. Good grades are nice and everything but they should not be the sole marker of a “good student.” I know plenty of people that are crazy smart but their grades don’t always reflect that, and that’s perfectly okay. Sometimes tests are hard for good students or sometimes life happens and every assignment can’t be turned in, but a good student will get through this adversity and push on with their education because they want to learn more than they care about a grade atop a page.

There’s of course the stereotypical definition of a good student - straight A’s and >4.0 GPA - but I think breaking that mold still yields good students. Typically it’s the “nerd” with the organized binder and a million different colored pencils that is seen as the good student, but a good student could be someone that is the exact opposite of this. Being a good student is about the student’s character and desire to learn more than it is about a letter grade.

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