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  • Delainy Fisher

Should The Private Lives of Famous People Be Off Limits?

Many times famous people’s personal things get out in the open and are either twisted around or blown up. Some famous people want it to stay hidden, even though it usually doesn’t, but others like the attention and publicity. As for the ones who don’t, they usually hate when their private life does get out. If basically their whole life is out in the world, why can’t they keep they private stuff to themselves?

When famous people have something big and private going on, it somehow always gets out, which isn’t fair. For example, Jordyn Woods allegedly have an affair with Kourtney Kardashians husband. The more it got out the more people said about it and extended on it. It entirely made the situation worse. Kourtney had many theories in her head about what happened because of all the side comments and people’s opinions. Although it gave Jordyn some more fame, everyone involved got a lot of hate.

So why can’t private lives of famous people stay private? They have enough going on, things that they don’t want people to know shouldn’t get out. We know enough about famous people, their personal lives shouldn’t get out, this may or may not cause their not personal life to get ruined.

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