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  • Madison Schab

How to Relieve Stress Outdoors

Being a high school student is extremely stressful. There are multitudes of methods to relieving stress, but to me the most effective ones are those that take place outdoors. Being outdoors is stress relieving for many reasons; disconnecting from your devices, loosening your joints (which helps lessen chronic pain and stiffness), it reduces cognitive fatigue, and can also be helpful with depression and anxiety. There are many benefits to spending time outdoors. It's said that being outside regularly can boost focus and creativity, improve mood, and will increase vitamin D levels.

“I relieve stress by competing in softball and going on walks with my puppy. Both are effective because I am able to get out my frustrations when hitting a ball a practice but also have fun bonding with my team. Also, going on walks with my dogs because they love me unconditionally. Outdoors is stress relieving because you have unlimited options of things to do. It’s enjoyable with family and friends or even just by yourself. For me being outside is refreshing and gives me a new, positive outlook," said Maizie Hailey (21).

There are hundreds of outdoor stress relievers. If you’re super dragged down and want to spend more time in the great outdoors try some of these:

  1. Go for a bike ride! My favorite bike rides are through Denver, but mountain bike rides are also extremely soothing. Don’t forget to bring water and snacks!

  2. Visit a river! The sound of running water is super relaxing. You should also try reading or drawing near a river to make it extra peaceful. For some fun, go tubing! Some of my favorite rivers are The Arkansas River, The South Platte, and The Dolores River.

  3. Do some yoga! Look up some novice poses if you’ve never done yoga before. You should always bring a mat and water with you. You should use a mat even while in the grass because it may irritate your hands after awhile. The YouTuber, Boho Beautiful, has really great starter videos!

  4. Go camping! Camping will really help you unwind and disconnect from your stressful life for a few days. Whether it’s in a tent or a camper being surrounded by nature is extremely relaxing. Make sure you bring necessities as well as extras to ensure your trip is enjoyable. Great places for camping include: Carter Lake, Jackson Lake, and Lake McConaughey.

  5. Go for a walk/hike! It could be through your neighborhood or in the mountains. Either way it’s good to clear your mind and get your legs moving. If it’s a longer walk/hike bring snacks and water! Good places to hike are Evergreen, Elk Meadow, El Dorado Canyon, and Flagstaff.

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