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  • Natalee Garcia

Are you ready for Homecoming?

Do you ever have trouble as a high-schooler trying to get ready for homecoming? Well, here are some tips to help you get ready! Have you bought your outfit yet?... because if you haven’t then I suggest getting one this week. Being prepared ahead of time will definitely relieve your stress from having to find something last minute.

For girls, the dress should be a part of you. It should make you feel comfortable and compliment your features instead of swallowing you whole. Especially now in high school, you do not want to wear something that reminds you of what you wore in fifth grade, you want to look mature and classy! Also, try putting a time limit for yourself because I know for some girls it can take up to ten hours just to do their hair and makeup. After, you get ready, be very cautious about how you put your dress on so you don’t ruin your beautiful hair and makeup.

For guys, it probably only takes them two hours or less because, all they have to do is gel their hair, put on their suit and tie, and do everything ahead of time because once you have everything you are ready to go. If you don’t have anything and are wasting time getting all your things the day before, then I guarantee that you will be in such a rush the day of homecoming. If you really want to be ready then be sure to get the perfect shoes, hairstyle, and to just be yourself because nothing is more attractive than a self-confident, fun-loving person. Homecoming is really exciting for most people, and it is a time for students to let loose and have fun. When you are yourself it makes people see who you truly are and, it makes them feel interested in hanging out with you. Most importantly, just have a great time and focus on having fun, because the more fun you have, the more memories you will remember later in life.

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