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  • Marshall King: BHS Social Studies Teacher

Mr. King: A Letter to my 17-year old self

Dear 17 Year Old Marshall,

You are now 32 and life has been an adventure. You have seen the world, achieved great things, failed epically but are okay. I am happy to report that you are healthy and living and teaching in the Denver area and are fairly content with life. I do however have some advice to make the next 15 years a little easier for you.

First. If you fall in love, act on it. Do not be afraid to be rejected… you do not want to ever be left wondering.

Second. If it does not feel right, deep down, do not do it. Ask yourself, “Is this going to end up being the right choice?” Taking some risks and chances, hoping that it will “all be okay” is not going to work out for you. However, on the opposite side of that coin… If it feels right, deep down, do it.

Third. Love yourself. From a young age you have been very hard yourself. Your confidence greatly lacks. People will make you feel like you are not good enough, not worth their time or are just plain less-than. There are more times than you like to admit that you actually believe this. You will become your worst critic. Don’t. Eventually this will change, but start now so you do not waste so much time living in doubt.

Last. Tell Mom what she means to you as often as you can. Tell her you love her every day. You will be glad you did.

Also, there will be times where you think you can dance, you can’t, stop immediately.



(Marshall King, Social Studies Teacher)

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