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No way! Students petition school district for no school on November 1.

Many students in the 27J school district have come across a virtual petition arguing that there should be no classes the day after Halloween. Although the petition is said to have started off as a joke, over 14,300 students have signed the petition as of October 29th. As nice as it would be to go out with friends on Halloween night and not have to worry about school the next day, there are valid reasons for why students will still have school on November 1st.

First, the most obvious reason: kids don’t like school and will come up with any excuse to try to cancel a day. Canceling a school day just so students can have a thrilling night with their peers is not a valid reason. One of the biggest arguments for wanting to cancel school is because of the number of responsibilities a student will have (such as studying, doing homework, or taking care of a sibling, and making plans with friends) on that night and, well, kids just want to go out on Halloween! A lot of students have not developed the skill of time management and get overwhelmed by the thought of all the things they will have to do. This is the perfect night for students to work on that skill!

Not just that but canceling a day will cause another day to be added at the end of May. Schools are required to meet a certain number of hours before summer vacation begins and with the four-day school week in 27J, losing hours can be very easy (we are at the bare minimum for school hours). If hours are lost due to this petition, it will add another day to the end of the school year and surely many kids will not want this to happen.

Even though thousands of kids signed a petition demanding there be no school on the day after Halloween, 27J will continue to run the week as usual because there are no valid points behind the petition and because it will take away from the hours needed for a school year.

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