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Are Public Libraries Still Relevant?

by Amanda Poole, Staff Writer

Are public libraries still relevant in today's society? In my opinion, libraries are still vital even with the rise of electronic books. Libraries are so much more than just a place for people to be able to rent books, computers, CDs, and DVDs. But, they are more than just storage, libraries are an important place for communities to connect.

Whether you are a young parent who is looking for childcare, an immigrant in search of language resources, an unemployed person looking for a job, or a citizen who needs help with insurance paperwork. Libraries help communities to come together and utilize the amazing benefits of where they live. The best part of public libraries is that everyone can count on libraries to have what they need to be successful at no cost. The library provides help to anyone who needs it regardless of their financial abilities.

Not only do librarians help provide insight into one’s next read, but they also answer questions about computer and internet access, resume writing, school work, and government forms; all free of charge. Many people don’t believe in the impact of libraries on the community just because they are free. However, libraries help the community as a whole with new job opportunities, by providing free internet access, and offering job training to those in need.

By helping an individual with their socioeconomic status, the library is benefitting the community as a whole. All in all, public libraries do much more than just provide books, and are a very vital component in many communities.


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