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Flowers, types, colors, meanings and more

by Zea Puzio: Staff Writer

Flowers are complex things. They have a lot of different meanings, color combinations, and

different combinations of flowers can be the perfect thing for a present. But a lot of people don’t know what these things in the flower-world mean. However, everyone should know the meanings of the flowers they send.

Starting off we have birth flowers, flowers according to your month of birth.

January: Carnation and a Snowdrop

Carnations come in a variety of different colors and types. They are popular around valentines day, mothers day, and are also popular because of their smell.

Snow drops are a bright white color and are originally from Greece. These flowers are known for their meaning of sympathy and celebration.

February: Violet and a Primrose

Violets bloom in very early spring, unlike most flowers. Violets symbolize modesty, faithfulness, everlasting love, innocence, and remembrance.

There are over 500 types of primrose. It is also one of the first blooming flowers in the spring.

Primrose has several different meanings. In the Victorian era, they meant in a sense that you couldn’t live without the person you gave them to. They also mean protection, and innocence.

March: Daffodil

Daffodils come in bright colors such as white, yellow, now orange and even light pink. They

bloom in early spring and symbolize new beginnings, forgiveness, inspiration, and reativity.

Daffodils are native in most of North America, but not anywhere too wet or too hot. There are a ton of different types. Another name for Daffodils is Jonquil.

April: Daisy and a Sweet pea

Daisies bloom early spring and are one the last flowers that you see in the fall. Daisies are known to represent innocence as well as purity and true love. Daisies are included in a lot of mythology because of how symbolic they are. They were used as metaphors for things revolving around children.

Sweet Peas are a part of the Fabacae family. They are native to Italy and the Mediterranean

region. There are multiple beautiful colors as well as a strong, sweet smell that can be compared to oranges, honey, and jasmine. Sweet Peas have the meaning of friendship, and are often given as a gift as a way to say “thank you” or “I had a great time.”

May: Lily of the Valley and the Hawthorn

Lily of the Valleys are petite bell-like flowers that spread like wildfire if taken care of correctly.

They represent sweetness and purity. Lily of the Valleys are native to Eurasia but have been naturalized in North America. Lily of the Valleys are associated with mothers and also have a sweet smell Hawthorns are small red, white, or pink clusters of flowers that bloom on shrubs along with berries called Haws. These flowers have been known for symbolizing hope and are said to have large connections from nature to people. Supposedly, they are able to “heal broken hearts."

June: Roses and a honeysuckle

Roses are one of the most popular flowers all over the world. They have been a symbol of love since the middle ages and are symbols of beauty. Some of the most popular colors of roses are red, white, yellow, and pink. Different colors of roses mean different things red is romance, pink is happiness, white is innocence, orange is desire, and yellow is cheer.

Honeysuckles grow in clusters and come in many colors. The more common colors are white, red, purple, yellow and pink. Honeysuckles are traditionally symbolized as happiness and affection for another.

July: Larkspur and Water Lilies

Water lilies bloom early to mid summer. Like many other flowers, Water lilies symbolize things revolving around purity and chastity. Similar to roses, different colors have

different meanings. Pink for joy and friendship, red for passion and romance, blue for wisdom and calmness, and yellow for energy and new beginnings.

Larkspur grows in stalks above the ground and are beautiful having a blue-purple color to

them. But sadly, these plants are poisonous. Despite that disappointing fact, Larkspur has a positive meaning of positivity, as well as loving bonds, dedication, and sincerity.

August: Gladiouse and Poppys

These are both fun, colorful and bright flowers that have very similar meanings. Poppies grow all over the world and mean remembrance, sleep, peace, and sometimes death. But they also mean resurrection. Poppies have been involved with different cultures' gods for a long time, being associated with farming, dreaming, and one of the most known meanings, sleep.

Gladiolus is native to Africa, the Mediterranean, and southern Europe. There are 300 different types that come in all kinds of colors. The meaning of gladiolus is strength, victory, healing, and honor. These are because the name of the flower comes from the latin word gladius, which means sword.

September: Aster and Morning glory

The Morning glory grows on a vine and has a trumpet-like shape with five petals. Common

Morning glories are native in Mexico and Central America. They have been associated with

Romantic Affections. Specifically, meaning undying or even unrequited love.

Asters are similar to Daisies. There are about 250-350 types of Asters and have colors ranging between white, red, yellow, pink, purple and blue, with white or yellow centers. Aster means star in Greek. Asters have a star-like shape and get’s there name from it. The actual flower symbolizes love, wisdom, patience, and beauty.

October: A marigold and a cosmos

They both bloom in summer and last until the frost of autumn. Marigolds are famous for several things, their bright color and strong smell. But another thing that people know them

well for is their meaning of death and grief, as well as how often they are used in celebrations of Day of the Dead.

Cosmos means peace, balance, and innocence, and there are myths that they cause you luck. Cosmos are native to Mexico and come in several colors, orange, red, yellow, pink, purple, and white. Cosmos were originally from Spain and are very easy to grow and can survive in very hot, dry conditions.

November: Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are the flower that is most associated with the Autumn season. The original color of Chrysanthemum was gold, but now colors such as gold, yellow, orange, white, pink, and red can apear. Chrysanthemums over all meanings are loyalty, friendship, and joy. But like other flowers, the different colors can mean things, red represents true love, white means innocence and honesty, and yellow means wounded and hurt emotionally, or neglected love.

December: Holly and narcissus

These flowers are a trademark during holiday seasons. Holly is known as a shrub with red berries and is often used as decoration, and is involved in Christian belfies, which is why it is so important around Christmas. As of recent, Holly has represented happiness and peace.

Narcissus is also involved in Greek religions. Narcissus is named after a Greek god, and symbolizes purity, faithfulness and respect. Another name for a Narcissus is paperwhite, because it’s named after the color of the flower petals.

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