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From A-Z: Things to do when you are quarantined

By: Andrea Donlucas: Features Editor

Because of the current global situation, people all over the world have been told to stay at home to keep themselves and others safe. A significant number of people have found it difficult to stay home because they have nothing to do. Well, now there is no excuse to go out because I have created an A-Z list of activities to try out- all in the comfort of your own home!

Art: find a blank sheet of paper and just start painting, drawing, writing, or whatever you’d like. Create something that means a lot to you. This is such an easy activity too, because you can go at your own pace with your own supplies. You can even search up a how-to doodle YouTube video to follow along with as well.

Bet you saw this one coming… baking! As much as you see it on your social media, and as much as you refuse to do it, baking is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can do. Not only do you have fun making delicious desserts, but you also get to eat them! It’s a win-win.

Coloring books! Coloring in a coloring book is known to be very relaxing. It doesn’t take a lot of brainpower and you can do it while listening to your favorite music or while on a call with one of your friends.

Do your homework! Sure, it’s not actually required but do you really have anything better to do? Plus it boosts your grade. Why wouldn’t you want to get an easy A? And keeping up with school now will make next year that much easier! If you fall behind now, you will still be behind next year. And you don't want that.

Exercise. There is no better time than now to start working on the summer body you’ve always wanted. However, there’s nothing wrong with the way you look right now! You may choose to exercise to feel more comfortable in your own skin. That’s the main objective. Other than that, exercise is really good for your mental health even if it’s just walking!

Find your ideal vacation spot and plan a trip there! With all this free time, you’ll be able to plan out what hotel you’ll be staying at, what attractions you’ll go see, and how much money you’ll be spending. If you don’t go on vacations all too often, we can only dream…

Go on a walk. Okay, so Colorado hasn’t been the friendliest on the weather lately but, when there’s no snow out, going on walks is the perfect activity!

Have a photoshoot. Experiment with ways to take pictures of either yourself, a family member, or an object. Have fun with it! Perhaps you can post them to your social media when you’re done and get your friends involved with it too.

Instagram cleanse! It’s easy to get yourself wrapped up in negative thinking when you see an attractive model on your Instagram feed. You might start criticizing the way you look and feel a little down. That’s not okay! You should never feel like there is something wrong with you. Unfollow or block accounts that make you feel bad about yourself- inside and out.

Jenga! If you have access to this game, I have one question for you: why haven’t you played yet? Try finding new ways to play to keep it fun. This is a great way to stay connected with your family! If you don’t have a Jenga game, find other games you might have lying around or create your own game!

Keep yourself busy. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the activities on this list (even though we’re halfway through the alphabet), venture through your home to find something that will keep you busy. * clean your room if you haven’t already… this is the sign you have been looking for *

Look through old baby albums, diaries, or yearbooks. Whether you’ve done this several times in the past or not, it’s always such a nice trip down memory lane when you’re looking at goofy old photographs and remembering the story behind each of them.

Make TikTok videos. If you don’t know what TikTok is… what?! It is a free app you can download that allows you to create 15-60 second videos about anything! A lot of people use it for creativity, comedy, or dance posts, while the rest just watch. Creating a TikTok video can be tons of fun, especially those that you can create with your family.

Nourish yourself with healthy foods. Take care of yourself! Eating healthy foods means having a healthy heart.

Organize or re-organize your room. Changing the way your room looks even the slightest bit really does make you feel accomplished.

Phone a friend. During these challenging times, many people have begun to distance themselves from those they used to be really close with. Calling a friend does not have to take long, but it can! It’s a great way to pass time and talk about just about anything.

Quit your bad habits. Have you been trying to stop biting your nails, picking at your skin, or

Read. Do it. Just do it! You can say, “I don’t like reading” as much as you want to but that’s only because you haven’t found an interesting book yet. Go out there and get a bigger brain. A.K.A. read!

Stitch, sew, or knit! There are so many YouTube videos out there that make learning how to do one of these at the beginner level. Along with many other things on this list, this activity is so relaxing. You can draw and sew whatever your heart desires once you learn the basics!

Thank your parents, teachers, and local essential workers. There are so many ways to do this but no matter how you do it, it means a lot. Teachers are hard at work putting together assignments for us. Essential employees are out risking their lives for the well being of the population, and our parents are pushing through while taking care of us. The least we could do is say thank you!

Update your resume. Maybe you’ve been putting it off, maybe you haven’t had time, or maybe you don’t even have one! Now is your time to shine… and when this whole quarantine thing is over, you’ll be ready for employment.

Vent to your friend. Maybe you’re mad about something, or frustrated, or motivated. Whatever

Write a letter (or multiple letters) to your friends or family members. Send it in the mail! Receiving a letter in the mail is way more special than opening a text message. Along with that, you can decorate the envelope(s) with doodles, stickers, and pictures!

X… come up with something you can do that starts with the letter X ?!

Yoga! Yoga is really great for your body: It gets you active without heavy exercise, it helps you stay flexible, and it improves your balance.

Zzz… sleep! Tried everything on this list and have nothing else to do? Get some rest!

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