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How to be Successful in High School

by Kesi Veik: Brightonian Staff Writer

Being in high school can be hard sometimes and you may feel like giving up. But I’m here to tell you in the long run it is worth it and there are many things that you can do to become more successful as a high school student. You can start anywhere, from your own mental health to being respectful in the classroom. Here are a few different things that I do to do better in school.

First, start with yourself. If you are stressing out over something, set it to the side and do something for yourself. Obviously you can’t do this all the time because you will end up getting behind in school, but sometimes you just need a day off to focus on your mental health.

Second, is being responsible. Responsibility is very important in school. Ways that I am responsible is by writing due dates down in my planner, paying attention when I need to, and I try my best to not procrastinate and do what needs to be done. Another big element of being successful is prioritizing. Do things that are most important first then do things that are less important.

Last, is building a strong relationship with your classmates and your teacher. If you and your teachers have a well-built relationship then they can trust you more, depend on you, and maybe even give you a little bit of mercy if you don’t finish an assignment on time (but DO NOT abuse this because it most definitely will not end well). Be respectful to everyone and you can expect to get that respect right back.

If you use these few tips I can almost guarantee that you will be a little more successful than you were previously. I hope that these things can make high school seem a little bit easier and not as stressful. Keep your head up, work hard and it will all pay off in the end!


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