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The Many Benefits of Spring Cleaning

by Anna Jorstad: Staff Writer

Spring cleaning is an activity that almost 91% of Americans participate in every year. Many have noticed that there are so many more benefits of Spring cleaning than just getting rid of unnecessary things. Studies have actually proven it to help with someone's mental health and stress. Cleaning has the kind of satisfaction that will put you in a good mood.

Let's be honest it can be a little hard to get started. I will fully admit that I am one to procrastinate and start to do other things instead of starting to clean, but you have to think about how you will feel in the end. The amount of relief and joy that it will bring. There won't be any unnecessary things that are just laying around in the house. In order to get started on the journey that on average takes six days to do, I recommend opening up doors and windows to let the fresh air in. Then start some music and maybe light a candle to get a good smell flowing through the air. A list is very important to make because it can help you not get distracted and be overwhelmed by what needs to be done. Remember it takes an average of six days to finish so don't feel like it needs to be done in just one day.

Someone might ask, why would I waste my time doing it though? It can create a good start to a basic weekly routine that can be done quickly with very little effort. Not only that but it can help with illness and your immune system to have a clean environment that you spend most of your time living in. The physical activity of cleaning is also very beneficial, bending, moving, sweeping, and scrubbing. This produces endorphins which reduce stress levels, this can help someone to get a good night's rest and boost your mood. Last but not least, it can influence a more healthy diet. A study was done where someone was put into a clean room and they were more obligated to go for a healthy snack. Having a clean space also makes someone motivated to have a clean diet.

Overall, even though it might seem hard at first to get started cleaning it truly is a beneficial activity. It clears the mind and can relieve stress. I would highly recommend that you join the percentage of people in America who already have established it into their yearly routine. If you already are someone who springs cleans annually this is your reminder that the time is coming soon!

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