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Winter Fashion

Story by: Zea Puzio: Staff Writer

The fall and winter seasons have a completely different wardrobe than the previous season. The weather from blazing hot to cold causes closet cleaning and wardrobe changes.

Some of the most common clothing that people start getting out in the colder seasons are winter coats. Winter coats come in all different colors, styles, and shapes. Some people prefer a longer coat while some might want a puffer with fur around the hood. But no matter the preference there is a store that will have the perfect at for you. Some of these stores could include places like Old Navy and even Target.

Another piece of clothing that people dig out of the closet during the colder seasons is boots. Having no reason to wear them during the summer, they get stuck away in the back until it starts to get breezy in late October. Some boots also have fur, bringing some extra warmth. But a lot of boots are mostly for style purposes. These boots are heels, printed, or have fun laces or colors. Some brands that make different kinds of boots are Off-Broadway, Rackroom Shoes, and Famous Footwear.

One of the best things about winter fashion is the variety of things and styles you can wear. You can go for the more sporty look, such as leggings and your letterman jacket, or you can go more classic with a skirt, collared shirt, long coat, and some nice boots. The colder season has so many options to express yourself and help you feel like yourself even though it may be freezing outside. Just make sure always to bring a coat. Some stores that carry a variety of different options for winter clothing are The North Face, Burlington, and Eddie Bauer.

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