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  • Dylan Fisher

Hillary Clinton and the DNC

Hillary Clinton and the DNC have been found to try to force something out of nothing. As of last month’s reports, news broke out that former Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton had connections with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) involving the meddling in Russia. President Trump's campaign was accused of having ties with the Russian government that tried to sway the election towards Trump’s favor. Clinton paid for research to be conducted that led to the “Russian dossier’ against Trump. I might also add various reports of Clinton meddling with the DNC to skew results, taking the Democratic Nomination away from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Since the 2016 Presidential Election, democrats and republicans on both sides of the spectrum have made failed accusations against now President Donald Trump having alleged ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Gremlin. With no statistical evidence to back these claims, one would think the story would drop. That is not the case here- since the election continuous accusations were made to diminish the character of our 45th President.

Marc E. Elias was the lawyer who spoke on behalf of Mrs. Clinton and the DNC. Together they employed Fusion GPS, a firm out of Washington that was set to conduct the research. Following this step, Fusion GPS recruited Christopher Teel, a former British Intelligence officer with connections to the FBI and US Intel Comm. Christopher was the hired dossier author. Fusion GPS’s investigation into Trump's alleged ties was promoted by an anonymous republican during the GOP Primaries. Trump recently tweeted for the Justice Department and FBI to “immediately release who paid for it.” To conclude, the Clinton Campaign along with the DNC have never released any solid, factual evidence to support their accusations.

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