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2018 - 2019 School Year Schedule

The new schedule for next year has some speculation and concerns on how it will effect sports.

As of right now, home games start around 4:30 and away games mean students are pulled out of class early depending on their schedule, but they usually only miss one period. With school ending at 4:30 games will either have to start later or students will be pulled out of school even earlier than they are now. Student athletes cannot afford to lose significant amounts of learning time.

“Personally it could effect how much time I’m able to put in with also coaching another team and working another job on top of that,” said Juan Martinez, JV Mens Soccer coach.

The new schedule will not be a good thing for student athletes. Games aren’t the only issue though. With school ending at 4:30, after school practice will be tough as well. Practice wouldn’t end until around 7:00 if it started at 5:00. After practice students are bound to be tired and won’t have enough time to finish hours of homework unless they stay up late.

Since soccer and football seasons occur at the same time, one team will either have to practice in the morning before class starts or both teams will practice after school back to back. Soccer practiced from 6:00 to 8:15 this year and if football starts at 5:00 and ends at 7:00 next year then soccer will probably go until 9:00.

“It’ll be tough since soccer takes up a lot of time in my day and I’ll be exhausted the next morning from staying up late doing homework” said Freshman Eloy Flores (21’).

The new schedule won’t have many positive changes to sports.

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