• Andrea Donlucas: Brightonian Medea Staff Member

Mental Health Perspective

High school is extremely difficult. This is coming from a freshman who’s only (ever) been enrolled into BHS for two months. I could not imagine what it’s like for upperclassmen.

Day in, day out, I come home at 7 PM (after Drama practice) with homework in almost every class. I attempt to stay on task but the Instagram notifications pop up from out of the corner of my eye and I feel the urge to open them. Before I know it, it is 10 PM and I still have to read. “I’ll do it tomorrow morning,” I tell myself, knowing I won’t have any time the next day. I give my dogs food, pick my outfit for the next day, shower, brush my teeth- all that fun stuff. If I’m lucky, I fall asleep before 11:30.

My point is that I don’t have much time for doing the things I enjoy most. For example, over the summer, I enjoyed writing in a journal to express how I was feeling. It cleared my head and made me feel like someone was listening. I’d love to continue doing so and on weekends I jot down a few of my thoughts. I don’t write nearly as much as I used to, though.

I won’t let school get in the way any longer. I’ll carry a notebook wherever I go. That way if, and when, I feel the urge to write down a thought, I can pull it out and just do it!

I hope that those who can connect with this passage find a routine that helps them live a healthy lifestyle and find a way to continue doing what razzles their berries. I know I should. I will start asking my mom to take my phone if she notices it is becoming a distraction. I should ask questions when I have any. I will, of course, keep writing and stitching (both of which razz my berries).

What will you do to get the stress off your shoulders?


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