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  • Kirby Federocko Brightonian Media Section Editor

What is Amendment 73

What is Amendment 73?

There is a new Amendment on the ballot that will help fund education in Colorado. This Amendment would change the way education is funded in Colorado. This Amendment would increase school funding to all districts in the state by creating a tax bracket system for individuals earning over $150,000 per year and raising the corporate income tax rate. The measure would create a Quality Public Education Fund where all new revenue generated from the taxes would be used to fund preschool through 12th grade public education. Brighton is no stranger to the fact that we are one of the least funded districts in the state, and education experts believe that this Amendment would be the solution to the problem of education funding in Colorado.

Two years ago, School District 27J, with the help of the city of Brighton, passed bond 3C, a $248 million bond set to help renovate and build new schools. With this money, 27J built Riverdale Ridge High School and is in the process of building a new middle school for the Todd Creek area. The bond also allowed schools to renovate buildings. At BHS, the side paneling and Dawg Diner both got renewed. Vikan received a new roof, heating and ventilation, six new classrooms, enlarged classrooms, and a new sign in front. Overland Trail got a new roof, an entire new IB classroom/lab, totally redone classrooms, and a full basketball court. But this year, Colorado is moving to pass a new amendment. One that would help all of the school districts in Colorado, not just 27J. This new amendment is called Amendment 73. With the passing of this amendment, Colorado will generate an additional $1.6 billion for education. It will also raise the funding per pupil, which is currently less than $50 per student in 27j. This Amendment will not only benefit Colorado students, but it will also allow schools to have more necessary resources.

Amendment 73 will mainly affect business owners and people who make $150,000 or more annually by increasing the tax bracket instead of having a flat tax rate. This money would essentially write checks in order to distribute more funding to public schools.

Amendment 73 has the potential to boost our education system’s minimal funding by generating $1.6 billion in extra funds and it only requires a 55% statewide approval to pass. Support this bill, go vote, and help Colorado education.

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