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Say YES to College!

Going to college is an avenue that many parents and adults urge teens to take. We’ve all been told by others at one point or another that we should go to college to further our studies and get a degree. However, going to college is an intimidating, often frightening thought for young people. Students may often worry if they are cut out for college, if they’ll be ready for it when the time comes, or if they’ll pick the right school.

According to, The Department of Education found that only 45% of high school students completed and filed their FAFSA. Nearly half of high school students aren’t applying for federal student aid. This means that most students probably aren’t even aware of how to apply for financial aid, nor do they know that they’re eligible for it. It’s a little disheartening because cost is one of the main reasons why students question the worth of college.

“I have no idea how I’m going to afford college. I already applied at UNC but I’ve never heard of FAFSA before and I haven’t applied for scholarships or anything yet,” says Amelia Prochaska (‘19).

Some students don’t want to go to college because they think that it’s waste of time to take classes that won’t apply to their lives or majors. But most college students find value in their classes and appreciate the experiences and things they learn. Some student athletes receive out-of-state college offers. Being that far away from your home and family may be daunting and even terrifying.

“I really like having the freedom of being away from home, and the fact that my baseball team is my family away from home,” says Logan Dent, Buena Vista University sophomore. “I also like being able to make my own decisions and have freedom, but it sucks that I have to cook my own food. Being in college out-of-state made me miss my family a lot.”

Going to college may be expensive, a lot of work, and a little scary at first, but it’s worth it. Most college students love the experience they get, the friends they make, and the good times they have. Just because going to college is a daunting concept, you shouldn’t let that stray you away from having a great college experience.

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