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  • Brekyn Haddick


Self- awareness can be defined as the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. Having self-awareness a person more in touch with themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, their beliefs, and many more personality traits.

In developing self-awareness, individuals become more aware of themselves and the others around them. Opinions and ideas are more apt to change as their mindfulness expands. Self- awareness is an important quality for people to develop in life when working with people around them. Not only does it lead them to become more emotional towards themselves, but also to become more in touch with others and understanding of the thought processes of those around them.

“When you are self-aware, you recognize your own flaws and limitations and that allows you to contribute more to your peers and be more willing to let things go,” said Mr. King, history and psychology teacher at BHS.

Learning to work in an environment where everyone feels welcomed to express their opinions without the backlash of others is an everyday issue for many people. However, self- awareness can help a person consider the ideas of others without being close-minded, and it can allow their perspective to grow.

“Having self-awareness allows you to see things from both sides and contribute more to society," said Andrew Cummins (‘20). "You become more open to new ideas and opinions when you are self-aware and overall it is beneficial to you and those around you."

Along with having the self-awareness to better oneself, it can determine where they go in life. Self-awareness can help people become more adaptable in schooling, the workplace, and in other aspects of their life. The decisions a person makes are also based on the awareness they have within themselves.

“Learning how to become more self-aware has helped me in my job and at school," said Reagan Macdonald (‘20). "I have connected more with the people around me and I have learned a lot from that."

All in all, self-awareness can build a conscious recognition of a person to benefit their future and those around them. It is an important skill to obtain and will profit people in many aspects of life.

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