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  • Kamrin Rostenbach

Have Curse Words Become So Common They Have Lost Their Shock Value?

People have been hearing curse words since they were little. You hear these words everywhere you go but they have become so common, it’s not a big deal to most people. Some parents do really care what their kids say but some do care and do not allow it. Curse words started at out as young kids trying to be cool of their friends. Then people continued to use them as they grew up. Using these words everyday makes the words lose the effect of how derogatory and inappropriate they actually are. On the other hand, depending on who you are, curse words may mean different things to you. Curse words could mean things good and bad depending on how certain people use them. Also, these words are constantly repeated i songs for people of all ages to hear. In songs, artists through around these words like they are nothing. Society today is very diverse and everything must be accepted if people want the world to go round.

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