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  • Luke Ross

Gaming Review: Monster Hunter: Iceborne

The latest entry into the Monster Hunter series “Monster Hunter World”, has just received a large expansion. This expansion was announced last year a few months after the initial launch of the game. This new expansion which was highly anticipated since it’s announcement is called “Monster Hunter: Iceborne.” It is a very dense addition to the base game and it priced as of now at $39.99 for the expansion itself.

Getting the more official things out of the way I would like to personally review the expansion. The expansion starts off after you beat the main story of the base game. Specifically, when you defeat the final elder dragon. After the final fight you are sent to fight one new creature from the expansion then after defeating that you are given access to a new social hub.

The expansion is packed with new monsters, each with their own unique armor and distinctive fighting style. The expansion also adds new moves for the existing weapons in the game and adding a new game mechanic. This mechanic being the clutch claw, a weapon that lets you grapple onto monsters and do some decent damage. Each of the new creatures also flow very well, if not difficult. Compared to the base game these new monsters do much more damage, have more health, and in some cases are much faster than previous monsters.

A good deal of these monsters being added are returning monsters from previous entries in the Monster Hunter franchise. On top of every monster from the base game has got a new Master Rank version. This means that every base monster has been given new weapons and armor.

The new hub area is also a vast improvement over the base hub as well, allowing players in the online hub access to the blacksmith. There are also many extra bits of content added such as customizable housing, ornaments to hang on weapons, and a new mini-game called the Steam Works.

This Expansion is definitely worth it if you enjoyed the base game Monster Hunter: World. It is just more content with the same quality and in most cases surpasses the base game in many aspects. I highly recommend it to any fan or even people who want to get into the franchise or just Monster Hunter World specifically.


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