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Actually Fun Mobile Games: Review

by Katsumi Hayashi: Brightonian Staff Writer

Mobile games. We all have them and we all see the advertisements on all of the apps on our phones. Oftentimes, people will download a game that they saw on an ad because it appeared to be fun and in most cases, the apps are fun! The only problem is the longevity of enjoyment. How long will that app continue to be enjoyable enough that you choose to play it over watching an episode of your favorite show? Normally the answer is not very long at all. Your search for fun mobile games is over! I have played many different games and have found a few that may pique your interest!

First and foremost is a game that many are probably familiar with. Pokémon Go! Now many have played this game as it had a very large following when the game first arrived in the app stores. In May 2017, there were an estimated 147 million players. This game has undergone many updates that take away the lack of content and it’s a really great way to get outside and get in a little bit of exercise as you walk around and hunt for the strongest Pokémon around, as well as compete with friends and participate in legendary raids! Happy hunting!

If that isn’t your type of game, there’s a mobile version of Plague Inc. that is really fun as well! This game is a heavily strategy-based game that will test your ability to create a plan to spread your own unique sickness through a simulation of the entire world. Everything from the way your sickness spreads to the way it survives in harsh environments is completely up to your own choice!

Last but certainly not least, we have a newly released and highly anticipated mobile game. Call of Duty Mobile!! This game simulates one of the largest video games in creation all in the palm of your hand on your phone! Everything from classic team death match to the zombie apocalypse is now available for free on any compatible smartphone or tablet. This game can provide you with many hours of fun and you can even play with your friends no matter where you are!


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