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An Athlete In The Time of COVID

by Payton Gagon-Staff Writer

As we all know this year has not been particularly normal. There have been many changes and it’s been very difficult for a lot of people to adapt to these new circumstances. There have been changes in schools, work environments, churches, and the whole world in general. Change is a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people and I know this year’s been hard for many. As an athlete myself, it’s truly been a rollercoaster ride. Our basketball season has been shortened, practices have started, then been canceled and it’s been a whirlwind of emotions. Even though I can’t personally play this season, due to an injury, I’m heartbroken for my teammates who will only get to play about half the games this year.

According to the girl's basketball coach, Jim French, CHSAA has placed many restrictions on the girl's basketball program, along with many other sports programs. However, these restrictions won’t discourage Coach French.

“As with all seasons, my primary focus is always working towards providing our athletes with the most enjoyable season we can experience together,” Coach French stated.

Even though this season will be quite different from past seasons, it’s important to stay optimistic and to enjoy what we’re able to do. Many coaches will be working hard to make sure that our teams will succeed in the situations we’ve been given. For example, Coach French is so dedicated and has done several things to help his team stay in shape. The girl's basketball team did summer workouts while still following all the COVID restrictions. They would practice out on the football field without any equipment but strive to be better every day. I also know that Coach French has set up a program in which the team has an app that has plenty of exercises that they can do while they wait to get back into the gym. He believes in his team and believes they will succeed, and he will do whatever it takes to better his players, on and off the court.

When Coach French was asked about what his plans are for the future, he responded with a very positive outlook.

He stated, “Our program has a ridiculous amount of spirit and will rely on that spirit to generate momentum on and off the court.”

Even though many athletes have gone through these hard trials and have experienced the unknown, our girl's basketball will not let our season be ruined and we won’t let our enthusiastic spirits die. I know that I’ll be on the sidelines cheering on my teammates extra loud since many people won’t be able to attend.

Athletes have been through so much this year and have truly experienced more than the unimaginable. No one saw this year coming, and many might fold because of the challenges it brought; however, there’s no way that the girl's basketball team won’t rise from the ashes this upcoming season.

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