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Are phones really benefiting us?

by Hayden Peterson, Staff Writer

With phones being so present in today's society, it makes us wonder what they are really doing to us. With social media allowing us to express ourselves without facing people, to being able to watch videos about exactly what we want.

Since lockdown, people have been glued to their phones more than ever, and with TikTok and snapchat, it's tough to have a conversation with somebody in the physical world without them at least looking at their phones. According to “the attention span of humans has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds…”

People are becoming less and less interested in others around them, and the easy escape of a cell phone makes being silent very easy.

Various social medias make it simple for people to disappear, message people online and not face people. When a study was conducted among teens by, teens overwhelmingly favored getting anxiety from socially interacting. Are Instagram and snapchat giving us social anxiety?

Is TikTok ruining our attention span? Are messaging apps ruining our ability to interact in person? If people have free time in class nowadays, they don't spend it on talking, but rather on their phones messaging people watching videos. People don't realize they are being distracted by their technology all day long. When a person can go on their phone and see videos that are short 15-60 second long and are made to gain your attention and hold it for the duration of the video. Humans will automatically choose the easier option and go on their phones, rather than getting up and talking to the people around them. Maybe instead of going on TikTok you still want to talk to people, so you go on snapchat and message people, one picture with some text, and as soon as the person who it was sent to has seen it, the picture is automatically deleted.

Why would we waste time talking to people we don't know when we can easily go online and message people we already know, and that aren't physically there with us. With as big of an influence that technology has on our lives, what is it really getting us if not ease of access?

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