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Be Thankful For What you Have: The 2021 Senior Year

by Andrew Cronk: Staff Writer

As we, the current seniors, roll out the red carpet for graduation, we are given a chance to reflect on the past year and as we do we begin to see the gains and losses we have been through this year. Though we did not get a senior year as we wished and looked forward to, we did get the ability for the senior events and to see our entire class and the rest of our friends for graduation. We are at least able to get a proper graduation, even though with only limited people, we have the great privilege of being able to walk down the stage unlike the people last year who got a “drive-in” graduation in which they practically picked it up and left.

If you really look back we got quite a lot more than the year before us did. They had to quickly adjust to online school and never even got the senior week let alone even a small, private prom like we had. The graduates last year really suffered with grades, learning, and struggling just to keep their mental health afloat while this year’s seniors are mostly used to online school and some are even doing it next year for college. The people last year had to struggle with the loss of a lot of people around them and the mental health issues that come with isolation and not being able to talk to people. Though many people may be introverts and like being alone for a little bit, people are social creatures and are not able to go long times without human interaction. They were constantly struggling, although so were the people graduating this year. We have gotten to plan many more things, such as the senior carnival, the sunrise and sunset, and ultimately the graduation.

Overall we just need to be thankful for what we get and we need the time to reflect to look past our current position and onto the future as we all move on to the next area of our lives and into the real world. In the end that is all we have to worry about, because no matter what happens in high school we can start anew when we graduate and walk, run, and fly past the limit.

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