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Beauty standards in Brighton High School

by Kena Keyes

Teenagers in high school should be able to discover and express themselves any way they want at school. What should be happening and what actually happens are two very different things. If something a student wears is different from everyone else they are shamed or laughed at and judged.

No matter who they are, everyone struggles with confidence. Imagine feelings judging eyes on you at all times, laughing everywhere you walk- not with you but at you- and whispering words forever behind your back. That is what multiple unique and different students experience every single day they are at school, simply because of what they wear.

Bullying ends lives:1 in every 20 students kill themselves because of bullying. Everyone has perfect expectations for high school; therefore, everyone is held to perfect standards that are impossible to reach. Each and every person is judged for who they are, no matter how popular or unpopular they are, they are judged. The beauty standards at Brighton High School are impossible to obtain, below them and you're laughed at, above them and you're shamed for trying too hard. The students are creating a toxic environment every time they laugh at what some else looks like or wears.

Start admiring people's confidence rather than putting them down, embrace all body types and styles.


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