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by Kena Keyes: Staff Writer

Let's talk about something important. The state of the economy, the US world debt, the environment, sports in high school, the education system, cats or dogs. It doesn't matter what people talk about, it doesn't have to be important to everyone just the person talking. Individuals are forced into a box of expectations the moment they make a choice, any choice. Once someone decides something everyone gets an opinion for some reason. Though it is people's confidence in their decisions that propel them further in life. Confidence is a key component in life, it defines who someone is and who they will be. Confidence is the feeling that you can rely on someone or something; to feel certain about something. To have confidence people rely on themselves, they trust themselves and their decision-making. People with higher self-esteem are proven to be happier, more self-assured, more attractive, and feel less anxiety. To survive in our world someone must have the confidence or they won't get past day one. Society's goal is to tear someone down, intentionally or not people say things to validate themselves not others, not being confident in your own life just adds to the fire of hate started by others. That fire can either be used to your advantage or not, the warmth can encourage you to be better than anyone expected, or it could burn you, though the confidence people have while facing that fire decides what happens. When someone has the confidence to stand up for themselves they can do anything, no matter how strange the idea is, or unimportant it is to anyone else. If something is important to you, follow through with it, be confident in your decisions, in your life, and excel. It doesn't matter what is important to everyone else, it doesn't matter what others think should be important to you, it is your life, own it.

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