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Eco-friendly brands

by Anna Jorstad

In today's society, it is encouraged to buy and support brands that are “green” meaning eco-friendly. More than 90% of brand CEOs believe that in order for a successful environmental

change to occur, brands must be sustainable. These brands are aware of how poorly the world has been treated and feel that a change needs to be made. They are creating a positive change by finding unique ways for their products to be sustainable and reuse materials. Studies have found that if a change is not made to the environment in the next 30 years then we could see a significant threat to human civilization.

Becoming eco-friendly means that you are not only saving the planet but there also are some personal benefits to doing so. For example, most eco-friendly brands are cheaper which not only saves you from overpaying for something but also saves the environment. There also is an extreme increase in pressure being put on companies to become green. Many countries are noticing how the environment is deteriorating quickly, so laws are being made to help prevent that from happening. Forming or shopping at an eco-friendly brand is the way to go. Many brands have become eco-friendly. Listed below are some clothing brand companies that focus on eco-friendly products.

Nau has made great strides in creating an eco-friendly brand. The focus of their brand is clothing which is made from recycled materials, sustainable, biodegradable, while still being durable. What is unique about Nau is all clothes are made by the same ten sustainable fabrics. An example of these materials includes organic cotton, linen, and hemp. Nau is focused on using sustainable fabrics in their clothes and making them last for a long time.

Another well-known brand that focuses on sustainable products , and has many movements towards an eco-friendly environment is Patagonia. Patagonia started making tools for climbers, and when that product grew they started to make a wide selection of outdoor clothing and gear. Their main goal is ethical sourcing and manufacturing of their brand. Patagonia has a program called WornWear. This product circulates their clothes through people, reducing the chance of it ending up in a landfill. They also donate 1% of their sales to environmental organizations.

Another great brand is Toad&CO. Toad&CO ensures that their products have little to no impact on the environment. They are an outdoor clothing company that sells clothes made of 80% eco-friendly fibers. These fabrics include Tencel, hemp, recycled, or vegan fabrics. They also ensure that their packing is reusable and sustainable for the planet. They have partnered with other brands and together have helped to make a positive impact on the economy.

PrAna, is based out of California and offers traveling, adventure, and yoga clothes. They are the first North American clothing brand that produces Fair Trade Certified clothing. That means that in addition to eco-friendly products, they promote sustainable livelihoods and safe working conditions for their staff. Their products are free from all toxins through the Bluesign program. Doing this reduces pollution and water usage.

Tentree, as their name says, promises to plant ten trees for every item purchased. Their goal is to plant one billion trees by 2030. The products they sell use many eco-friendly materials, fair labor practices, and safe working conditions.

Lastly, Oboz footwear is a brand that sells hiking boots, shoes, and sandals. They do several different things to decrease their products' effect on the environment. Their shipping materials are coi-friendly and they use wind energy to power their headquarters. Any products that are not sold are given to people in need through non-profits.

Overall, just focusing our purchases on eco-friendly clothes or shoes can make an impact on improving the environment. Many of these companies not only want to use sustainable materials they also want to provide the best quality for their customers. They also are focused on contributing to the community whether giving back to their customers, planting trees, or giving to nonprofit organizations. Next time you think about getting something new, think about these brands or check the brand you're buying from, and see if they are eco-friendly.

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