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Fashion Trends

September 30, 2021

by Anna Jorstad, Staff Writer

Many different fashion trends there are that are coming back from the past in 2021. Here are just a couple of things that are coming back from the ’90s, one example of an outfit is a cropped cardigan with a miniskirt and sneakers and then ankle socks. Another item from the 90s that has come back is a white t-shirt under a silk slip mini dress and grungy boots.

Normally when falls swing around people put away their fun bright colors and bring out the darker, reds, greens, and browns. This is not happening this year the bright colors are here to stay for all of fall. People are out wearing weird color combinations together, for example, a peachy orange top with a darker bottom. Doing this keeps the bright color but also reflects the season that we are currently in.

The biggest trend that I believe is here and here to stay for a while is loose-fit denim jeans. This can include mom jeans, flares, boyfriend jeans, and bootcut jeans. Skinny jeans are out and now wider and more flowy pants are in for their turn. Most people like to pair this look with a slim-fit tee and tailored blazer, or a cropped sweater.

There are many interesting shoes and bag stills that have come back in 2021. For example, shoes that are elevated. Tennis shoes have at least a 1-inch chunk at the bottom of them and even sandals are being elevated. Another trend is clogs and lace-up boots. The bags have changed from being small and not as much of a statement to being one of the best parts of the outfit. People will wear a plain all-black outfit and then pair it with a big puffy bag to add to the statement of the outfit.


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