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Finding the Good in Trials of Life

by Payton Gagon: Brightonian Staff

Everyone experiences their challenges. No matter how much we strive for a perfect life, there’s no such thing. Trials will always pop up in an unfortunate matter. No one plans for things to go wrong or for something unfortunate to happen; however, life will always throw you a curveball. There’s nothing we can do about these challenges, but there is something we can do about our attitude when these trials are thrown our way.

Before becoming consumed with the adversity in your life, try to find all the good that could come from your adversity. It may not seem like it, but our hardships will make us stronger. Being a religious person, I truly believe that the Lord would never give us something we couldn’t handle. No matter what your beliefs are, you can get through every challenge thrown your way. Just look at them like bumps in the road, or mountains to climb. No challenge is too great to face when you have a positive attitude to get past that challenge.

Life’s challenges could be big or small. Some people have a different idea of what a big or small challenge is. To an athlete, a big challenge could be an injury they’ve faced, while some see a big challenge as losing a loved one. Whatever your challenge may be, look at the bigger picture in life and don’t just focus on the hard moments. By looking at the bigger picture of things, we can find hope. Hope helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel and will be your motivation to help you overcome your darkest of days.

Right now is the perfect time to find the good in your life with all that’s been going on world-wide. With COVID-19 being of concern, many people are frantic and are doing whatever they can to be protected from this virus. Many people have had a loss of income and it truly is heart-wrenching. However, if you could find at least one good thing that has come from this, it will help you have a better outlook on the whole situation. Some may be grateful for the food they have, or the family time they get. Whatever your good thing may be, try to focus on that with a grateful heart so you can get through this hardship the world is enduring.

By finding the good in your hardships, you will grow stronger as a person, you’ll be able to realize your strength and know that you are strong enough for everything coming your way, and you’ll be able to see the bigger picture in life. When we focus on at least one thing that is good in our life, we are more grateful for what we have and that will help us be an overall happier person.

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