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Gender Expectations

by McKena Keyes, Staff Writer

Men and women alike have many expectations for their life. This often leads to discussions about who they should become depending on their gender. These expectations not only make it difficult for many to succeed, but it also makes it more difficult for anyone who is gender fluid.

Many young boys are forced into a fight or flight reaction whenever faced with negative emotions simply because being upset or emotional is seen as a more female attribute. They either hide from their emotions, or they become enraged and act in a violent manner to whomever or whatever caused their emotions. Just as boys are expected to be unfeeling, girls are expected to be soft. When a female acts out against their own emotions they are said to have “attitude.” Women have taken many strides for an equal future, despite achieving that many people still hold different expectations for what a girl should spend her time doing.

Young children are taught who they should become and how they should act despite being taught equally they are treated separately. This makes it especially difficult for anyone who is gender fluid because it forces them to either decide who they are or be judged through life for being undecided. The greatest challenge which everyone faces is the opinions and expectations of society. Society as a whole holds many ideas of who someone is, event companies direct their products to the expectations of an individual. They expect women to always want to show their equality and greatness therefore they advertise products which can “help” them. This leaves the boy behind- as they usually are- society sees young men as already equal in definition despite them having made no progress to keep up with the progression of women.

Everyone is equal in definition but not in life, and unless they are taught that being different is okay they will never want to be anything other than regular.

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