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High School and Friendships

By Payton Gagon: Brightonian Staff Writer

Isn’t it funny how high school can pull even the best of friends apart? You walk through the halls and don’t even acknowledge those you’ve known since you were in elementary school. You try to look down to avoid that awkward eye contact when just a few years ago you ran to play with them during recess. High school brings out the character in people and it shows their morals. Too many people are caught up in getting into the “popular group,” that they ditch their childhood friends who aren’t “cool” enough. They are willing to give up a lifetime friendship, for four years of fame.

Or maybe you just don’t have classes with those friends and don’t try hard to make that friendship last. I get it; it’s hard to make these relationships last, but I think it’s heart wrenching that we don’t make more of an effort to continue these relationships. Instead, we let High School pull us apart, and the kid that wanted to be friends with everyone is gone. When you were young, you would make friends within seconds, but as you reach high school, you begin to not like people just because your “friends” tell you not to.

High school can be the time of your life, but it’s also a time of change. A change in you, and a change in those you associate yourself with. As you walk the halls, bring out your inner child and simply smile to those you may have lost contact with. Who knows what they are now going through; everyone deserves a smile to brighten their day.

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