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How Early is Too Early to Start Celebrating Christmas?

by Faith Garcia: Brightonian Staff Writer

Christmas is arguably the most popular holiday as well as time of the year. It is such a joyful time that brings out the most cheerful versions of people. However, is decorating so soon for the holiday taking away from the last bit of fall and more importantly, Thanksgiving? I certainly think so.

Thanksgiving is such a staple in our culture, and undoubtedly one of the most important dates of remembrance that we can have. It is understandable to see a straight change from Halloween to Christmas in other places of the world, but here, it should be a day that is celebrated thoroughly. Without the distraction of Christmas trees and flashy lights, that is.

Christmas gets a whole month of dedication, so why start celebrating so early? Part of what makes Christmas so special is that it only comes around once a year; a day that many wait the whole year for. Starting to celebrate it super early only takes away from that excitement. By the time you actually get to December 25th, you’ll have been doing the same old thing for so long. I think it should be reserved for December.

I am a firm believer that the day after Thanksgiving ends the fall season and begins the Christmas season. There are so many good things about the holiday season, and I think they should be saved for December; e.i. The Christmas month.


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