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In Spite of Challenges, BHS Does Homecoming Right


by Andrea Donlucas, Executive Editor in Chief

Homecoming week at Brighton High School started off strong. Throughout the week of September 28th-October 1st, students showed their excitement by dressing up for the “Rock & Roll,” “Neon,” “Battle of the Decades,” and “Cowboy vs. Hippie” spirit days. It was impossible to get to class without passing by several students in their spirit gear. The homecoming events rolled out one by one, starting with powder puff, then going to peach fuzz, class games, and the bonfire. The days went by so quickly that before you knew it, the football game was over. It was finally time for the homecoming dance. Students in Miss Huss’ Student Government class were ready to begin decorating for the dance at 8AM on Saturday, October 2nd. Faux trees were spread out, games were set out on the tables, coat check was neatly organized, and the disco-themed centerpieces were ready to go.

“Being on the dance committee was both so fun and stressful at the same time,” said Stellar Totays ‘23. “I had ended up becoming in charge of how things were going to look and who was going to do what. In poor preparation, I didn’t have much of a clue what was going on either so the entire time I was just improvising everything in the hopes that it would all come together, which it did.”

The dance committee is one of six committees in Student Government that work on the week’s festivities. It is by far the most stressful because of all the small details that need to be paid attention to. Although it is tough, Stellar, with the help of Miss Huss, successfully led her team into decorating a beautiful dance area.

Right as the clock hit 1 o’clock, the stressed out teens set out to begin getting ready for the big day. However, as the students became increasingly excited, things took an unexpected turn. At approximately 3:10PM, Miss Huss began making phone calls to her students informing them of the tough decision the administration made to postpone the event.

“When Miss Huss called me to tell me the dance was [postponed], I felt really hurt and disappointed. All of [student] government had worked so hard to put it together and it was really upsetting to hear we couldn’t have it,” said Sarah Cardillo ‘22, one of the Student Body Co-Presidents. “The rest of the day I was very hurt over the situation but I knew that it would be okay because everyone was safe and not put at risk.”

The decision was made after receiving a report about a threat through Safe2Tell, a resource for BHS students to use when they want to report something anonymously. At that time, not much information was available.

“The most frustrating part was definitely the hours of work we put in just that morning to get everything ready,” said Kynadi Fairchild ‘23. “I think for the future the dance will be even better though. We’ll have more time to plan and get things organized and we already have an idea now for what everything looks like.”

Many students are speculating that the dance is canceled rather than just postponed. However, Student Government is discussing some dates in October that may still work. Although, for safety and weather reasons, it will be held inside.

According to, Ms. Genereux stated that the administration at BHS is working with the Brighton Police Department on the situation.

Keep your heads up and your calendars open, we deserve the fun times ahead!

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